12th European Thermoforming Conference – NEW DATE!


After extensive review and consideration of the restrictions applied both to traveling and public gatherings in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we, the Board of the SPE – European Thermoforming Division, have decided to postpone the 12th European Thermoforming Conference in Geneva.

We deeply regret that stricter measures, recently implemented in most Western countries, leave no confidence that the situation will improve significantly in the upcoming months. We are now focusing on the next date of our biennial conference, which will take place in 2022.

The new date of the

12th European Thermoforming Conference in Geneva

will be

31st March โ€“ 1st April 2022

Training course will take place on 30th of March 2022

All conference tickets purchased by currently registered attendees(Standard Ticket, SPE Member Ticket, Spouse Ticket, Student Ticket, Training Course Ticket or Tabletop Ticket) remain valid for the 2022 Conference.
Moreover, companies may freely opt to substitute delegates at any time.

video call on laptop

The SPE-ETD Board is also organizing for the year 2021 additional online webinars.

These will be made available to all registered attendees of the upcoming 12th European Thermoforming Conference, with access to continuous updates on industry trends, developments and innovations at www.thermoforming-europe.org

Registered attendees will receive the programme of upcoming webinars in due course.

We are convinced that for our industry face-to-face meetings, networking and live experiences are still extremely important, especially when it comes to complex technologies, innovations and trends.
Online formats, while offering excellent support under current circumstances, remain quite a poor surrogate of personal encounter.

And so, we all look forward to a successful European Thermoforming Conference 2022, to bring you the latest innovations, focus on current and emerging issues, understanding and insights on future scenarios.

Stay safe and see you in Geneva 2022!

The SPE-ETD Board


now more than ever


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