Thermoforming web.talks

Thermoforming web.talks 04 - Interview

Jeremy Howard - FAERCH PLAST UK Ltd.

Jeremy Howard – Plant director

Thermoforming web.talks 03 - Interview

David Hartley - RHOMBUS, UK

David Hartley – CEO

Thermoforming web.talks 02 - Interview

Tim Ridley - WINPAK, US

Tim Ridley
Manager, Engineering of New Product Devel & Commercialization

Winpak Portion Packaging Inc., United States

Thermoforming web.talks 01 - LIVE STREAM complete event

We are proud to present the recording of our first online event, streamed live on May 5th 2021 from Heilbronn, Germany

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  • Welcome
  • Paul Earnshaw – Tesco
  • David Katz – Plastic Bank
  • Edward Kosior – NextLooPP
  • Thomas Drustrup – Danish Plastics Fed.
    & Thomas Bak Thellesen – Faerch
  • Closing remarks

Single Talks

Empowering the world to stop ocean plastics

David Katz – CEO & Founder
The Plastic Bank
Vancouver Canada

Closing the loop on food-grade PCR-PP

Prof. Edward Kosior – Managing Director
Nextek / NextLooPP
London UK, Sydney Australia, Pune India

New Design Guide for Packaging & Creating Circularity in Food Packaging

Thomas Drustrup – CEO
The Danish Plastics Federation,Danmark

Thomas Bak Thellesen – Senior Director Group Sustainability & External Affairs
Faerch, Danmark