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The conference language is English.

Depending on number of attendees from France, requesting for translation, simultaneous translation from English into French will be provided.

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WednesdayMARCH 30th 2022  
Training Course for Thin and Thick Gauge
Location: Hilton Vienna Park, Austria
(training course needs to booked separately)
09:30Heavy Gauge
Wolfgang Daum
13:30 - 18:00Thin Gauge
Mark Strachan
18:30 - 19:30Conference Registration
19:00 - 20:30Welcome Reception
A warm welcome to friends and colleagues
THURSDAYMarch 31st 2022
08:30Conference Registration
Moderator:Antonio Staffoni (Italy)
09:00Welcome to Vienna, Austria - Conference Introductions & Welcome
Antonio Staffoni (Italy), Chair ETD 2018-20
09:15Sustainability - From PS to PET . . .and beyond plastic!
Laurent Benoit-Maréchal (France) Group Performance Manager, DANONE
09:55Challenges of the future mobility and their impacts on Polymers
Gérard Liraut (France), Expert Leader Polymers
Moderator:Marek Nikiforov (Czech Republic)
11:25Importance of Plastics Packaging: create value, not waste
Marek Nikiforov (Czech Rep.), ETD
11:40Confronting plastic bashing – How can we make the case for the environmental performances of thermoformers?
Sébastien Petithuguenin (France), PAPREC Group
12:10Circular Economy – A big step forward in China with European technology
Gerald Ausweger (Austria), SML
Frédéric Durand (France), TOMRA
Christoph Wöss (Austria), EREMA
Olaf Tanner (Germany), KIEFEL
Frederic Blanchard (France) SOREMA / PREVIERO
Moderator:Ken Braney (United Kingdom)Moderator:Marek Nikiforov (Czech Republic)
14:30Innovative mass production application of thermoforming parts for electric vehicles
Johannes Rosenberger (Germany), PARAT
14:30How to put sustainability, the Circular economy and design innovation at the heart of a thermoforming business
Justin Kempson (U. K.), CHARPAK
15:00Sea-Doo - When fun meets Thermoforming: High tech thermoforming technology for high performance recreation product
Claudio Bottos (Italy), SELF
Kitty Beijer (Netherlands), SENOPLAST
14:50THE HOLYGRAIL 2.0 PROJECT – how to improve mechanical recycling?
Nicolas Lorenz (Germany), PACCOR,
Nico Van de Walle (Belgium), Verstraete-IML
15:30Conformal cooling: a breakthrough in mold-making
Alban Agazzi (France), Innovation Plastics Composites
15:20Newly Process Design Guide for Packaging
Christina Busk (Denmark)
15:35Circularity in food packaging
Thomas Bak Thellesen (Denmark), FAERCH
Moderator:Michel Py (France)
Thin Gauge Session
(Sponsors presentations - 16:20 - 17:35)
Moderator:Thierry d’Allard (France)
ILLIG – Innovative rim-rolling solutions16:20Vacuum forming and recreational vehicle issues
Jean Bernard Boulet (France), TRIGANO VDL
MARBACH - Tooling with Connect/M Tool-Monitoring-Module16:50PP based compound for the thermoforming process of refrigerator inner and door liners

Gilda De Luca (Italy), ELECTROLUX
KILDE – Flexible thermoform Automation solutions17:20Kepstan: new innovative way of deep draw thermoforming
Pierre Gonnetan (France), Arkema
Alexandre Delemazure (USA), Westlake Plastics
Olivier Rodary (France), Plastiform
KIEFEL – The new machine generation
RHOMBUS – Know your Factory
LUNDBERG – Highlights in grinding
18:30Departure for Dinner at Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues
19:00Conference Dinner and Sponsors awarding
FRIDAYApril 1st 2022
08:45HEAVY Gauge Session
(Sponsors presentations)
THIN Gauge Session
(Sponsors presentations)
Moderator:Ken BraneyModerator:Antonio Staffoni
08:45 - 10:45- We are BRETT MARTIN
- COMI - The Laborforma thermoforming machines
- CMS ThermoProphet: smart solution for a full heating process control in heavy-gauge thermoforming
- COMI - The Laborforma thermoforming
- GEISS - Again, one step ahead
- PRIMEX - Possibilities for a carbon neutral HDPE supply chain
- SELF GROUP - Aluminium moulds: Engineering and manufacturing
- SEKISUI - Through sustainability initiatives and recycling, plastics are a sustainable solution
- SENOPLAST - Update on new products
-SPARTECH - New Products Market Diversity: Advances in Materials from ground to Sky
- COLLINS AEROSPACE - Investigation into the validation of T-SIM for use in Aerospace
Andrew Ferguson (U.K.), Collins Aerospace / Edinburgh Napier University
08:45 - 10:45- BANDERA - 100% Recyclate to 100% Recyclable
- BATTENFELD-CINCINNATI - The star-extruder: a reliable approach for A-PET recycling
- CGP EUROPE - Optiform Plug, No Dust
- CMT - HYTAC Plug Materials: Creating form by function
- CMG - AMP - highest operation performance- at the lowest TCO
- DTC DOBRINGER - Online Thermoforming Academy by DTC
- EREMA’s way of converting post consumer material into circularity
- MILLIKEN - Performance additives helping thermoformed packaging to close the loop
- OMV's Tech Center - a fully comprehensive chance to test and/or qualify your products
-STARLINGER – Circular intelligence: closing the loop in thermoform recycling
-TRINSEO Presentation
(more thin than heavy)
Moderator: Hubert Kittelmann
11:15Packaging and sustainability: a retailer's view
Paul Earnshaw (U. K.), Packaging Manager, TESCO
11:40Recycling of plastics, what’s next?
Bernard Merkx (Belgium), GreenWavePlastics
12:05Unlocking the full Circularity of Polystyrene
Julien Renvoisé (Switzerland), Trinseo Europe
12:30Impact of EU plastic waste directive - case study
Marco Omboni (Italy), ProMo – ProFood
Moderator:Sven Engelmann
14:00Thermoforming of rPET and rPP
Thorsten Weber (Germany), Der Grüne Punkt Duales System Deutschland
14:20Upcycling rPET: from A to C
Alessandra Funcia (Switzerland), Sukano
Carl-Jürgen Wefelmeier (Germany), Gneuss
Andreas Raisch (Germany), Illig
14:40Enlarging end of life options by the use of
Thermoformable Ecovio
Martin Bussmann (Germany), BASF
15:00Microthermoforming – enhancing Blister technology
Philip Koch (Germany), Hahn-Schickard
15:20Closing remarks
Antonio Staffoni (Italy), ETD Chair 2018-20
Michel Py (France), ETD Chair 2020-22
15:30Drinks and iPad raffle