7 covers for the first dieselmotor bike

Category: Automotive Parts
Material: ABS/PMMA Senosan VM 1L AM50-77/09-050 schwarz 8102, 006RR

7 covers for the first dieselmotor bike

Thermoformed products instead of polyester products. The covers were produced as polyester parts.

the covers were very vulnerable, the price was high, quality varied because of the processing by hand, they had to be sprayed in the right color, the drawings weren’t digitalized, the tools were difficult to adjust. Requirements for an alternative: All details sharp formed, high impact, matt black surface, no spraying afterward, resistant for scratches, digitized drawings, constant quality, cost reduction. We realized this by scanning the polyester parts and digitize the drawings. Negative aluminum moulds were made and the covers are CNC processed. The material was advised and produced by Senoplast. We are still in the process of finishing the tools, in order to start the definitive production asap. More covers of the motorbike will likely be thermoformed in the near future. Together with our client and Senoplast, we have created a high quality product and reduced the part costs. Our client, a small Dutch company has developed this unique dieselmotor bike, which was launched last February during a motor fair in Utrecht NL.


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