Bus external front lower corner moulding

Category: Automotive Parts
Material: TPO - Prime Super Tuff-X

Australian government and private bus operators were experiencing significant outages due to cracking of fibreglass bumpers when involved in minor collisions.

Partnering with PMP as our material supplier, we developed a series of six external mouldings including this front lower corner using Prime Tuff-X. This is unique because it is the first Australian mass produced part using Tuff-X which has traditionally proven more challenging to mould as it comes from the TPO family of plastics.

The result dramatically reduced down time experienced by the operators as the external mouldings are less likely to fail due to the ductile nature of Tuff-X allowing parts to flex as opposed to fibreglass which in most instances will crack and break apart upon impact. Removing the handling of glass reinforced fiberglass from the bus building facilities has also improved the health and safety of workers.


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