Category: General Packaging
Material: HIPS (high-impact polystyrene)

CrushPak™ is a new packaging technology developed by EverEdge IP.

The CrushPak™ pack incorporates a unique concertina-like design which the consumer gently squeezes to access the contents - easily, without mess and without a spoon. The concertina allows the product to be frozen and the cup can be filled at altitude and the product shipped to sea level without compromising the packaging or its functionality as the bellows are designed to allow for the changes in pressure.

CrushPak™ delivers major benefits to manufacturers as it can be manufactured on conventional form fill seal lines and uses standard plastic sheet. The unique packaging design is able to achieve material reductions over and above the standard yoghurt pot and can deliver material savings of up to 25% whilst maintaining or improving the top load resistive force of cups produced in a Form Fill & Seal environment by 40% in comparison to conventional yoghurt cups.

Manufacturing costs are low as the product can be produced on existing manufacturing lines with minimal tool changes, it is suitable for most plastics materials and the cycle time is equivalent to or better than standard pots. Furthermore its unique functionality allows the mould to be simple, easy to use and incorporated into existing lines at low cost.


EverEdge IP