LO-G Retail Carry Pack

Category: Electronical Applications
Material: Black Recycled HDPE 1,2 mm

The product to be packaged is a state of the art telecommunications unit to be either sold ‘on-line’ or through retail outlets globally.

Important factors to consider:

• The customer ‘opening experience’
• Reduce the current pack size if possible
• To incorporate a ‘carry handle’ arrangement within the pack design
• To radically improve the corporate image of the pack
• To ensure the kitting operation was a simple process fo product and multiple accessories
• To ensure adequate protection of product during storage and transportation by incorporating innovative impact absorbing features.
• Packaging materials used to be fully sustainable
• Ideally the pack should be stackable
• A sleeve system would be the ideal ‘secondary packaging’
• Obviously, the solution needs to be competitive to current packaging systems


Protective Packaging Systems