Category: Medical Applications
Material: 750µ PVC + 250µ PVC/PE

- a series of 10 pull able carpet liners
- depth 10 mm

Germs are transported from place to place on the soles of shoes. When wearers step onto a Sole-Liner carpet, their shoes sink in to a depth of 5 to 10 mm of the decontaminant impregnated in the carpet of the liner.

When a carpet is worn out or the decontamination product is used up, the entire carpet liner is simply pulled off, and binned. The replacement carpet underneath is then immediately ready for the next series of sole decontaminations. Placed in the entry halls of germ-sensitive environments such as hospitals, laboratories, agricultural and food production factories, industrial kitchens, airports e.g. arrival areas for travellers from virus pandemic destinations etc… the product stops the propagation of germs and viruses carried on the soles of shoes.

Sole-Liner can be used with or without a containing Inox tray. From an economic point of view, Sole-Liner significantly reduces the amount of decontamination fluids used in germ-free desired environments. Its conception of a compact unit with 10 pullable liners means it is instantly ready for use with no complicated set-up procedures prior to use – or clean-up procedures after use


Generation Tech/CIFRA/APTE